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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Gandhi

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Did you know inactivity is a source of pain? Imagine moving beyond your aches & pains, feeling discomfort dissolve while gaining flexibility, freedom of movement, vitality, confidence and not to mention that "spring" in your step? Let me, Tatiana your Holistic Personal Trainer, coach you towards your fitness goals - let us, at FIT 4 LIFE, move you into action!

Holistic Fitness, a Whole Person Approach is our philosophy, a one of a kind life-changing integrated system to well-being - a simple 6 step program where YOU are in-charge! Respect and give your body the tools it needs to heal and you will be amazed at itís natural healing ability.

Wellness is making the right lifestyle choices, eating & moving the right way for you. No one way is right for everyone. Treating yourself as unique is important when it comes to exercise & nutrition. A Personalized Plan allows you to suit your lifestyle, time constraints and areas of concern.

Fully equipped with the Club Series by Life Fitness, free weights, Swiss Balls, cushioned timber floors for our Boxing Corner and Group Fitness areas, we are providing our members with an altogether superior strength and stability training solution as well as a great cardio-vascular workout utilizing your own individual heart rate zones.

Fit 4 Life provides: Bad Posture

  • performance-specific programs for athletes and the general public, specializing in golf
  • weight loss programs that help you reach and maintain your healthy weight
  • general fitness programs that improve your overall health
  • strength and toning programs that increase muscle mass & tone which increases resting metabolic rate i.e burn more calories at rest
  • corrective programs for postural dysfunction, post-rehabilitation, back and neck pain
  • nutrition (metabolic typing) & lifestyle coaching for improving your vitality and health
  • group fitness classes with emphasis on cross-training principles
  • Ergonomic assessment for home and office

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